About Us

Welcome to AC for Cars

     AC for Car, LLC., an American company that has a team of highly trained professionals, with over 5 years of experience in retailer and wholesaling of automotive air conditioning parts, which confirms us as leaders in quality of service and customer satisfaction.

     We are a distributor of air conditioning, electric and collision parts with expansion vision in our product line, expanding and developing new products according to current market needs.

     All our products are backed under our best supplier brand, distributing a wide range of aftermarket and OEM auto parts with high quality standards, very good presentation, excellent utilization rates, immediate availability and competitive prices.

     Each product has packaging in resistant boxes and parts number according to the model, ensuring the authenticity and good physical condition of the products dispatched. With aspirations to be we who meet your current and future needs in your business.

     We have an E-catalog with a wide and precious search engine to provide our customers with their product search alternatives, we offer facilities to create their orders and online payments saving time and money, agreeing after their purchase the best alternative or national or international shipping method.

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